20 Terrific Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Houston

Colby Smith Colby Smith

20 Terrific Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Houston

Don’t let a little precipitation dump cold water on your plans.

It seems like spring showers are doing their thing right now – which is fine as long as they get it out of their system before Memorial Day Weekend gets here. Until then, there’s still plenty of excellent things to do in the city even with a little rainfall. Read on to discover our rainy day to-do list in Space City. [Featured image: @cidercade_houston]

1. Hole Away In A Dive Bar

Houston thankfully has plenty of places to take shelter in a flurry of rain: whether to escape the weather, shoot a round of pool, grab a cheap beer, or to play a song on a jukebox, consult this list to discover where to go.

2. Or Go To A Themed Bar

While Houston is home to many sports bars, Irish pubs, and Southern-inspired establishments, the real fun is in the nuance of a themed bar. Get a look at our list of our 10 favorite Houston themed bars and restaurants to plan your next cosplay night out.

3-7. Check Out An Exhibit

Keep your mind stimulated by using stormy weather to check out a vibrant mix of ongoing exhibits throughout the city:

  • Seuss Experience: The whimsical works of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss have transcended from page to film and now its final form — a cross-continental immersive exhibit.
  • Life on Mars: Channel your inner Ziggy Stardust and see if there really is Life on Mars at the HMNS’s Mars from Luke Jerram.
  • Van Gogh at MFAH: The Joy of Nature explores the shared vision of pop-art expressionist David Hockney, and post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Largest T-Rex Skeleton in the World: From now until September 2 this year, you have the opportunity to get up and close and personal with the “largest and most complete” touring T-Rex skeleton in the world.
  • Celebrate the joy of color: In Houston, the Color Factory spans over 20,000 square feet of art installations, interactive exhibits, local features, and all-around hue-tiful space.

8-12. Get Your Fix of Comfort Food

A row of rainy days can take a toll on the spirit, one sure-fire way to get your spirits back up is by noshing on good eats.

  • Hungry Like The Wolf ’80s Diner: Sink your teeth into 1980’s nostalgia at Houston’s newest diner and bar complete with 80s-themed cocktails, dishes, and vibes.
  • Best Kolaches in Town: Like breakfast tacos, kolaches are synonymous with breakfast in Texas. Savory, comfortable, portable – perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, or bought-by-the-dozen hangover cure.
  • Brunch Like You Mean It: If Benadryl isn’t doing the trick on your allergies, you can see how the mimosas fare at one of our top 10 favorite brunch spots in Houston!
  • Fuku: David Chang’s Fuku specializes in seasoned chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty On Some Crawfish: Yeah, we love the holidays, but when it comes to food it’s really hard to beat peak crawfish season in the Bayou City.

13-15. Curl Up In A Coffeeshop

Need a pick-me-up? Houston has plenty of coffee houses scattered about the city for residents to take refuge, re-energize, and maybe eat a scone or two.


  • Wolfsmiths is in fact a fully operating motorcycle repair shop – one that happens to wheel out top notch tacos and coffee.
  • In addition to their siphon-made coffee, Siphon Coffee offers a crafted assortment of other brewed and espresso-based beverages.

16. Pop Into A Pop-Up

The Rusty Krab Experience is anchoring in Houston until this August. The event is set to feature its own bar, restaurant, and hotel inspired by beloved Nickelodeon series.

17-18. Gear Up For The Houston Horror Film Fest

There’s nothing like watching scary movies on rainy nights. With the coming of the Houston Horror Film Fest this June, you could start getting into the spirit now by binging terrific films.

  • You can go a step further by making a trip out to the Waxhachie Munster Mansion, a colossal replica of the house featured in ’60s cult-classic sitcom, The Munsters.

19-20. Game On

Escape into the carefree virtual world of gaming this week at East Downtown’s newest hangout. Cidercade has opened in Houston with a ton of games, ciders on tap, and 18,000 square feet of fun to be had.

  • Whether your idea of gaming is Pacman, shooting hoops, ping-pong, or drinking cocktails over a game of cards, Houston’s new speakeasy, FAO HTX, has got you covered.





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