This Heights Coffee Bar Is Parked Inside A Motorcycle Garage • Wolfsmiths Coffee

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This Heights Coffee Bar Is Parked Inside A Motorcycle Garage • Wolfsmiths Coffee

Add a little fuel to your tank.

Wolfsmiths Coffee in the Heights is motorheads’ new place to hang their helmet. Opened in January 2020, Wolfsmiths operates as a coffee shop, bar, and fully-functioning motorcycle repair shop.

Houston is home to no small variety of excellent coffee shops of all shapes and sizes. You’d be hard-pressed, however, to find one more unique then the coffee bar parked at 636 W 26th St.

Vigilance is required when visiting Wolfsmiths Coffee, less it be passed by and mistaken for an auto-body shop. On the one hand, however, this assumption would be correct. Wolfsmiths is in fact a fully operating motorcycle repair shop – one that happens to wheel out top notch tacos and coffee.

Motorcycles run amok inside and outside its rolling garage door. Its driveway patio is quaint and shaded under a tree with hanging lights adjacent to its kitchen trailer. Their grill menu covers breakfast and lunch, with an assortment of tacos, tortas, and loaded fries – all the greasy kind of delicious. Editor recommendations include their Rigid Saujita Taco and Hardtail Chicken Taco.


Inside the garage is spacious. House under a metal roof supported by exposed wood beams. Rustic wood and leather furnishings are placed on scattered rugs over the cement floor. A large wooden bar sits adjacent to a comfy lounge area. The far side of the room, partitioning the motorcycle repair shop, is a heavy bright red curtain. Adjacent, a variety of lifestyle provisions are on display, including books, t-shirts, bandanas, artwork, jackets, hats, leather, wool blankets, and more.

Behind the bar, Wolfsmiths offers your typical coffee shop options, with their own special touch. Also available: tea, kombucha, beer, Topo Chico, Mexican Coke, and pastries.

Whether you got a motorcycle, leather jacket, or just a need for caffeine, you’ll want to peel in to Wolfsmiths Coffee.

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