75 Magical Things To Do In Houston This November

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75 Magical Things To Do In Houston This November

Fall is in full swing!

The holidays are around the corner, folks, and the festivities have already begun. Soak up the crisp (albeit, slightly humid) autumn air while experiencing the cornucopia of events that await in Houston this November! [Featured image: @brian.nicholas_]

1-4. Experience Magical Candlelight Concerts

Experience a magical fall here in Houston thanks to the amazing indoor and outdoor venues the city has to offer. Luckily, Fever Originals has brought its popular Candlelight concert series to beautiful venues for the season with concerts that include:

5. Get Your Tickets to this Blockbuster Van Gogh Exhibition

Artwork from the iconic post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh will come to life in a 360-degree digital spectacle that’ll illuminate and transform the physical space into a fully immersive exhibit. You’ll see Van Gogh’s work take over the walls and encompass your surroundings through the lenses of several dozen projectors, hyper-realistic VR headsets, or a mix of both.

6. Dine in the Dark

Ever wondered what it is like to eat in the dark? Eminent psychologists have been advocating dining in the dark as the ultimate taste experience for many years. Studies show that 80 percent of people eat with their eyes; with that sense eliminated, the theory is that the other senses—namely taste and smell—take over to elevate your meal to a whole new level. After donning your blindfold in the darkened, candlelit room, you’ll soon realise that focusing on taste and smell alone can be a truly enlightening experience—provided you’re not afraid of the dark!

7. Get Medieval All Over Texas

The 47th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival, the largest renaissance festival in the nation, has returned to Texas with a kingdom of entertainment for the whole family.

8-9. Make the Magic Happen

Pop Fancy dessert bar and pop-up venue is getting into the spirit of the festivities with the opening of their new Harry Potter-inspired pop-up: The Broom Closet Wand Shop & Closet of Curiosities.

  • Or, straddle your broomstick and fly out to Austin, where Texas couple, Joel and Amanda Pace, have once again transformed their lawn into Hogwarts and the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter!

10. Let the Butterflies Out

Enter a stunning, three-story glass structure built around a 50-foot waterfall. This simulated tropical rain forest is filled with exotic plants and thousands of live butterflies. As you walk through the three-story glass rain forest at your own pace, feast your eyes on a rainbow of color provided by the thousands of live, fluttering butterflies and exotic flowering plant species.

11. Plunge into a Sea of Tacos and Margaritas

Birria beauties, El Roli’s Bites, are ready to set sail on their newest venture: a brand-new, under-the-sea-themed restaurant in East Houston: Ostineria El Roli’s.

12-13. Celebrate Día de Los Muertos

Día de los Muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead, is a traditional Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of passed loved ones. The thousands-of-years-old Aztec-originated tradition is celebrated throughout Latin America every year with feasts, costumes, and sugar skulls. Celebrate the rich, cultural holiday here in Houston with festivals, markets, and more!

  • On November 6, Houston will have the chance to get in on the celebration with a massive Día de los Muertos festival and parade from 2 pm to 10 pm in Sam Houston Park.
  • Celebrate Day of the Dead with a paintbrush in hand! Prime Art Gallery has organised some incredible painting parties that you won’t want to miss. Based in Houston, it is home to a unique gallery, paint studio and creative workspace. Release your inner creativity as you create your masterpiece with all the materials provided. Whether you go with friends, family, co-workers or other artists, you are guaranteed to enjoy this fun and stress-free experience.

14. Boogie Down at Houston’s New Mega Club

Billed as “the largest indoor/outdoor space of its kind in the city”, Sekai Night and Day is slated to elevate East Downtown’s nightlife with top notch DJs, dancing, lounging, and private events just in time for the festive season.

15. Hop Over to the Zoo’s New Flamingo Terrace

Now that crisp autumn air is gradually, periodically, making its entrance into Houston, the urge to unwind al fresco is all the more great. Just in time for sweater weather, the Houston Zoo has opened their brand new Flamingo Terrace beer garden!

16. Watch a Stunning Burlesque Performance

With a line-up of amazing performers, sit back and be taken away by their dance moves and amazing costumes. This is the perfect way to start your weekend in style. Share this experience with colleagues, or even on a date that will have you talking about it into the weekend

17. Fly into the Witch Market

Photo credit: @spookylittlehalloween

Thorn and Moon’s Magickal Market is an enchanting monthly bizarre, a covent of charming vendors, witchcrafted goods, and occult oddities all (spell)bound together in one wickedly sweet atmosphere. The market takes place on the first Saturday every month, which in November, lands on the 5th!

18. Answer the Call to Adventure at the GOT Pop-Up

Arya ready to bend the knee, Houston? Because the city’s first Game of Thrones-themed pop-up is coming to town this October. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be awesome!

19. Have Second Breakfast at the Hobbit Cafe

You don’t have to journey all the way out to Mordor to enliven your Tolkien-esque fantasies. Here in Houston, just southwest of Montrose is The Hobbit Café. Since 1972, the café has served all the hobbits, elves, wizards, and dwarves the best food Middle Earth, Houston has to offer.

20. Experience Actual Autumn in Texas

Photo credit: @bryanmalloch

Let’s be real, the only way you can see fall colors in Houston is through filters and photoshop. Those that seek the upmost fall experience with breathtaking sights of blazen, changing leaves, will have to take their PSL to-go on a state-bound road trip.

21. Dance All Night at this Twin Peaks Nightclub

The public can now see what’s behind the red curtains at the new, Lynchian-inspired nightclub, Cherry. The darkly lavish new nightclub is a concept from Hospitable Viking the group behind The Commoner + The boulevardier, Rosemont, and the 006 Bar. It’s set in the two-story space formerly occupied by the Nightingale Room – which is rather appropriate all considering.

22. Escape in CityCentre

Located in CityCentre Houston, these adventures offer a one-of-a-kind premium experience. Follow clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission together. You might escape…You WILL have fun! Once you arrive, a dedicated game guide will take you on to your adventure and help you as needed. You will have exactly 60-minutes to complete the mission in your adventure and escape. Here’s how it works: you and your team will work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately complete a mission. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, a sense of adventure, and most importantly: YOU!

23-27. Cozy Up at Houston’s Best Coffee Shops

Thankfully, there are plenty of coffee houses scattered about the city for residents to take refuge, re-energize, and maybe eat a scone or two.

  • Rev up your mornings at the motorcycle and coffee garage.
  • Secret Garden offers various international coffees with options in the form of Vietnamese, Greek Espresso, Greek Freddo Cappuccino, Turkish Coffee, and more.
  • Husband-and-wife caffeine team, Manuel and Martha Gil, have recently opened Segundo Lab inside Ironworks near downtown, bringing rich, creative java flavors to the Second Ward.

28. Visit The Hidden Castle in Texas

Photo credit: @beckystravellist

A short drive outside of Houston in the small town of Bellville Texas lies a  medieval castle equipped with a 3,000-pound drawbridge, moat, and a knightly guest quarters.

29-31. Sip and Paint

Combine painting, drinking and singing and you get this incredible evening of karaoke! Prime Art Gallery has organised some incredible painting parties that you won’t want to miss. Based in Houston, it is home to a unique gallery, paint studio and creative workspace. Release your inner creativity as you create your masterpiece with all the materials provided and even some wine and sangria. Whether you go with friends, family, co-workers or other artists, you are guaranteed to enjoy this fun and stress-free experience.

  • Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot better… and more artistic! Prime Art Gallery has organised some incredible painting parties that you won’t want to miss. Based in Houston, it is home to a unique gallery, paint studio and creative workspace. Release your inner creativity as you create your masterpiece with all the materials provided. Whether you go with friends, family, co-workers or other artists, you are guaranteed to enjoy this fun and stress-free experience (and some delicious tacos!).
  • Find your artistic soulmate at this singles painting night! It’s an art-themed speed dating but without the awkward conversation…

32. Embrace Everything Pumpkin

Beyond the Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts of the world, awaits a cornucopia of local bakeries, restaurants, and coffee shops that know how to enrich your autumn experience in Houston with all the season’s best flavors. (Trick or) treat yourself to 10 of our favorite spots to get fall treats in the city!

33-34. Go on a Mystery Picnic

This self-guided food adventure by Amazingco is the perfect way to explore Houston’s best neighborhoods and avoid the crowds! Starting with a picnic basket, have fun solving personally-curated clues and riddles sent to your smartphone that’ll take you on a journey to collect your special gourmet picnic food bit by bit.

35-38. Sweeten Up at a Speakeasy

There’s something special about speakeasies. The secretive, vicarious forbidden feel of transporting back to the prohibition make imbibing cocktails all the more tantalizing. Stow away in wonderful hidden bars that Houston has to offer!

  • So Clutch, the owners of the Concrete Cowboy, Clutch Bar, and a host of establishments in other US cities, opened the doors of the Sugar Room on Washington Avenue. The cocktail lounge hidden inside a local bakery features a glamorous selection of drinks as well as tasty treats.
  • Tucked away in the corner of Cantina Barba’s back patio is a scanty, nondescript, somewhat rusty container. The door on which advertises “Mijo’s Mezcal Bar” – which, to our knowledge, lays the smallest bar in Houston.
  • Relive the ’20s and all of its splendor at the Daisy Buchanan Lounge, from the group behind Gatsby’s Prime Steakhouse. The flashy new 52-seat lounge, located at what was once Bar Victor on 4321 Montrose Blvd, is made in the image of the era infamously captured in Scott F. Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. 

39. Unwind Inside This Cozy Beer And Wine Bus

Parked on Montrose Blvd., Bacco Wine Garden is an intimate, fire-lit, two-story bar and patio that serves wine, beer, and an assortment of Italian comfort food. Beyond the wraparound balcony, there lies a dazzling wine and beer bus for patrons to share an even more intimate experience.

40-42. Hit the Dive Scene

Houston thankfully has plenty of places to take shelter in a flurry of rain: whether to escape the weather, shoot a round of pool, grab a cheap beer, or to play a song on a jukebox, consult this list to discover where to go.

  • Those who leave up their festive decorations year round, like the people over at Grand Prize Bar, are complete freaking lunatics – and we love them for it.
  • La Carafe Wine Bar is a historic haunt housed in a building that’s stood for over a century and remains to be the oldest in the city of Houston.

43-44. Or, Hit a Patio Bar

Photo credit: @wicklowheights

One surefire way to capitalize on the weekend, weekday, weeknight – really just any time – is to have a couple drinks amongst friends in the open air of a patio. Get out and about this season at some of our favorite watering holes in town

  • Nestled on 1239 W 19th St. among a familiar crowd of patio bars – Preslee’s, McIntyre’s Heights, and Bungalow Heights– is a newcomer known as Moonshine Deck, a throwback Americana-inspired bar and kitchen with moonshine and whiskey to boot.

45. Visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Explore one of the most attended museums in the country at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Visit North America’s largest dinosaur hall, see the beauty of the Lester and Sue Smith Gem Vault and step back in time at the Hall of Ancient Egypt. The museum is regularly voted one of the top attractions in Houston and this is your chance to find out why. The purchase of a Permanent Exhibit Hall Ticket at the Houston Museum of Natural Science will give you access to the permanent exhibits only and excludes special exhibitions and the Brown Hall of Entomology.

46. Transport Yourself To Madrid at this Clubby Restaurant

If you’re looking for a taste of Spanish cuisine, with the sight, sound, and feel of madrileño nightlife, MAD Houston is your ticket.

47-49. Cheer For Sports

Houston is a sports town, plain and simple. Even if you don’t care nor follow any of the teams, you can’t help but get a kick from the energy and passion of Houston’s loyal fans. See for yourself at the many lively sports bars the city has to offer.

  • Popular Heights sports and patio bar, McIntyre’s, has opened up a second location with their three-story facility in Downtown, Houston overlooking Buffalo Bayou.
  • With a plethora of patio games, a mega pool table, and an indoor soccer field that allows you to go toe-to-toe in a game of bubble soccer, Pitch 25 Beer Park in Houston fits the bill.

50. Explore Houston’s Local Haunts

This Haunted Houston Ghost Tour is a family friendly activity that will take you on a walking tour that explores the fascinating history and ghosts of the city. A costumed guide will lead tour goers on a 1.5 – 2 hour journey through downtown Houston and reveal some of its most famous and creepy haunted stories. Each tour will be equipped with an EMF reader so we know where the ghosts are lurking! Visit several of the oldest buildings in Houston and walk its historic streets, where the past may not be as buried as it seems.

51. Drink Endless Margaritas on this Bayou City Booze Cruise

What could be better than floating the Buffalo Bayou? Floating the Bayou with a buzz, of course. Cuchara is bringing back their Xochimilco boat tour: a booze cruise that serves ceviche, party favors, and all the margaritas you can drink.

53-54. Saunter Through Houston’s New Markets

Photo credit: @houstonjase

Railway Heights is now open on Washington with two stories of vibrant businesses, food stalls, local vendors, and an art gallery on the second floor.

  • The former United States Postal Service (USPS) office in north downtown is on track to become an expansive mixed media complex that looks like a scene straight off the set of Her. On November 13, Post Houston will finally open to the public.

55. Embrace The Holiday Spirit – The Whole Thing

With December around the corner, we can’t help but to eek out our bubbling excitement for all things festive. Here to keep tradition alive, festive holiday pop-ups Miracle and Sippin’ Santa will return to four different Houston area bars this year to celebrate the season

56. Elevate Your Lifestyle at these Houston Rooftop Bars

Nothing quite says “living the highlife” like clinking glasses on a city rooftop. Touch the sky this season with a brunch, evening, or nightcap on the most jaw-dropping rooftops in Houston.

57. Tiki Your Way to the Top

Summer is on its last legs, Houston. As the season turns, that feeling might give some up of you what’s known as summer-separation anxiety. Alas, there’s still plenty you can do to hold on to that feeling of beachside sunshine, fruit-flavored rum, and entirely too colorful libations that come in all shapes and sizes by coasting into one of Houston’s top tiki bars.

58-64. Eat Your Heart Out

Houston’s culinary scene is a vast, rich landscape populated with delicious eateries, scrumptious bakeries, and Tex-Mex as far as the eye can see.

  • Whether it’s a classic Neapolitan-style Margherita, a traffic cone-sized slice, or some warped creation piled high with everything and the kitchen sink – we don’t discriminate when it comes to pizza. Any way you slice it, here’s 10 of the best pizza parlors in the Houston area!
  • Not all buffets are created equal. When seeking out a local in which to stock up on calories to last you the winter hibernation, we recommend heading to one of our 10 favorite all-you-can-eat buffets in Houston.
  • Whataburger, Taco Bell, McDonald’s – the usual suspects when it comes to late-night munchies. Sometimes, though, you got to broaden your horizons, especially when a glorious late-night food scene of delis, pizzerias, taquerias await in the city of Houston.
  • Hot, cold, rain, or shine, ice cream is a good call on any day. Here’s the scoop on where to find the best ice cream in Houston
  • Like breakfast tacos, kolaches are synonymous with breakfast in Texas. Savory, comfortable, portable – perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, or bought-by-the-dozen hangover cure. Unlike similar handheld breakfast staples such as donuts, bagels, and croissants, it’s not so easy finding kolaches outside of Texas. We’d probably travel more if you could, but for now, we’ll stay here in Houston with our favorite comfort breakfast food on the go.

65. Get Up Close and Personal With Sharks

Without doubt, the ocean is full of alien life that continues to intrigue our wonder and fascination. Yet, there’s one creature that stands out. One in particular that’s as terrifying as it is beautiful: the shark. Take an underwater train ride at the Downtown Aquarium to get a closer look at this fascinating creature.

66. Visit Lucky Land

Photo credit: @beckystravellist

On the Northside lies one of Houston’s enchanting hidden secrets, a three-acre attraction park showcasing Asian culture and history that includes a full-scale replica Terracotta Army, Koi fish ponds, a Panda village, and much more!

67-68. Glamp In The Stars

New resident Texan, Elon Musk, promises that humans will land on Mars by 2026. If you can’t wait that long, you can spend a few nights at Basecamp Terlingua, an other-worldly glamping experience that integrates the future with the past, giving its visitors the impression of luxury camping in the cosmos.

  • Horizon on the Hill in Marble Falls is a wedding venue like none other. The countryside venue offers sweeping views of the surrounding countryside, a majestic look over Lake LBJ and Lake Marble Falls, and a dazzling stardome that acquaints visitors with a magical view of the constellations.

69. Celebrate Turkey Day at Houston’s Thanksgiving Parade

Slated for Thursday, November 25 at 9 am, the Thanksgiving Day parade is set to fill Downtown, Houston’s streets with unparalleled festivity. Spanning over 20 blocks, the 72nd annual parade will undoubtedly feature monolithic floats, massive balloons, and marching bands to usher in the holiday season in the city.

70. Skate Under the Stars

Discovery Green in Downtown, Houston is returning their outdoor ice rink for the holiday season. From Friday, November 12, until January 30, Discovery Green will host public skates at the foot of Houston’s skyline.

71. Drink a Bubblegum Martini

The latest boozy hangout to grace the Houston bar scene is the Trash Panda Drinking Club in Lindale Park. TPDC is a Southern-inspired concept from bartender, Greg Perez, and chef, Lyle Bento, of Night Moves – the self-same group behind the newly opened Space Cowboy poolside bar.

72-73. See ALL The Lights

On November 20, the one-mile trail will illuminate the Houston Botanic Garden with Texas-themed light fixtures, worldly installations, and a Winter Cathedral fixed with 100,000 bulbs.

  • Every year the Houston Zoo hosts a dazzling light spectacle for the City of Houston. This year, the zoo will continue its tradition for its 10th year from November 15 – January 9, 2021.

74. Experience This Cocktail Laboratory

Ever wanted to spice up your breakfast? Well they have a bowl of Frosted Flakes topped with bourbon and cognac-infused milk. But that’s just a starter, see what else the chemists of Diversión have brewing in their laboratory of spirits.

75. Dine Down on Unlimited Brazilian Steak and Wine

You can sample the entire menu with this unlimited experience, testing out pork sausage and acquainting your taste buds with grilled pineapple and chicken drumsticks and much more. Countless trips to the salad bar, a wide selection of drinks and desserts, and unlimited servings ensure that stomachs are fully sated!










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