This Clubby Restaurant In Houston Will Transport You To A Spanish Discoteca • MAD Houston

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This Clubby Restaurant In Houston Will Transport You To A Spanish Discoteca  • MAD Houston


The city of Madrid worships the sun. On warm summery days the terraces fill with Madrileños enjoying their tapas, tortillas, and patatas bravas while bathing in the Spanish sun. Though they love the day, the city lives for the night. Once the sun goes down and the neon lights turn on, the night turns into a vortex of cocktails, cañas, and dancing that doesn’t stop until the sun returns.

If you’re looking for a taste of Spanish cuisine, with the sight, sound, and feel of Madrilenian nightlife, MAD Houston is your ticket. [Featured image: @massavida]

Photo: @nathalie_kosman

The recently opened MAD Houston is the second restaurant of BCN partners Ignacio Torras and Luis Roger. Where BCN offers a fine — bordering on pristine — atmosphere of subtle elegance, MAD Houston turns up the notch to once.

Photo: @mad.houston

Color, texture, and light coalesce in the interior for an extravagant display that simulates the rhapsodic theatricality of the infamous 7-story Madrilenian club, Teatro Kapital.

Photo: @legnyag

If the mainroom isn’t stimulating enough, the corridor off the wing is an immersive tunnel of mirrors and neon light more reminiscent of an infinity room than a restaurant or even nightclub.


Photo: @hillarymcmillan

Make no mistake, while the glittering display of its design is a treat for the eyes, MAD Houston is first and foremost a destination for dining. Their impressive menu expands with an assortment of fine Catalan cuisine with modern twists on traditional dishes and a keen eye for presentation.

Photo: @mad.houston

Additionally, MAD Houston offers a full bar with a passionate mix of eye-popping cocktails. With options like their Pimiento gin and tonic, Pijo de Miel cocktail, and Te Verde, drinkers are sure to delight in this Spanish-spun mixology.

Photo: @mad.houston

They say nothing is impossible, but I’d venture to say it’s impossible not to have una noche loca at MAD Houston.

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