There’s A Hidden Medieval Castle Just Outside Of Houston

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There’s A Hidden Medieval Castle Just Outside Of Houston

Here yee, here yee.

A short drive outside of Houston in the small town of Bellville Texas lies a  medieval castle equipped with a 3,000-pound drawbridge, moat, and a knightly guest quarters. [Featured image: @beckystravellist]

Michael Newman is not your average Texan. On one hand, he’s a small business owner, running the much-loved eponymous Newman’s Bakery for 38 years where’s he whipped up scratch-made donuts, croissants, and decadent French Toast to some 4,000 Bellville residents. On the other hand, he’s a slightly larger business owner – and by “business” we mean castle.

Following the success of Newman’s Bakery, Newman set his ambitions higher. Inspired by his European travels in his 20s, Newman sought to build a castle where he could live like a king. And kingly castle did he make. His fortress, located in the rolling countryside of Bellville, contains a massive drawbridge across a moat, five corner turrets, a chapel, portcullis, and courtyard – all of which Newman built brick-by-brick.

In addition to the awe-inspiring facade, its interior is adorned with King Arthur-esque dining table, chandeliers, high-backed chairs, a winding staircase, and arched wooden ceilings.


Newman’s Castle is open for day tours 6 days of the week, and available for special events. Visitors must make reservations beforehand by calling the bakery at 979-865-9804. All tours begin at 10:30 am at Newman’s Bakery.

Be sure to come armed in case of invading marauders.

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