Do Yoga With Baby Goats At This Backyard Pub In Houston

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Do Yoga With Baby Goats At This Backyard Pub In Houston

“Come for the yoga, namast’ay for the goats.”

The centuries-old tradition of yoga has had its fair share of iterations over time. From the hammock twirling of aerial yoga, to bare-all form of nude yoga, to the boozy, “zen af” style of Rage Yoga. Now, Murdoch’s Backyard Pub offers a new, farm-bred form of yoga that allows yogis to practice and pose with a dozen baby goats. [Featured image: @goatyogatexas]

Photo: @shelbsswigart

Like meditation, yoga is a practice of centeredness and concentration. It’s a discipline of balance in the face of stress and adversity — that which may be difficult to do when resisting the urge to snuggle one of the herd of baby goats bouncing around.

Photo: @goatyogatexas

For the price of $29, you can sign up for an hour-and-a-half class. Typically on weekends, the classes involve 45 minutes of traditional Hatha yoga lead by a certified yoga instructor. The final half hour is reserved for taking photos and brainstorming goat-related hashtags. Or just time for you to snuggle all the little goats you can.

Photo: @goatyogatexas

After class, stick around at Murdoch’s Backyard Pub for a brew or one of their famous burgers!


Goat Yoga Texas at Murdoch’s Backyard Pub offers a truly unique experience for yogis and goat gurus alike.

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Classes, hours, and prices can be found here.

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