Rage Yoga: Houston’s Cathartic New Wellness Trend

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Rage Yoga: Houston’s Cathartic New Wellness Trend

Yoga is a discipline of mindfulness, meditation, and screaming profanity at the top of your lungs.

Tell negative energy to gtfo. In fact, shout it. Rage Yoga encourages you to exhale all of the bs in vehement outbursts of reckless abandon.

Rage Yoga in Houston is an alternative take on the centuries-old tradition that is extending across the continent. This badass practice gives yogis the opportunity to find serenity through explicit expression (that’s yelling and swearing) and sensuous intoxication (having a beer afterwards.) [Featured photo: @integrative_asana]

Photo: @integrative_asana

Yoga instructor, Ashley Duzich, is the one responsible for bringing the practice to Houston. The local yoga teacher of 10 years was in a career slump of sorts when she stumbled upon Rage Yoga.

Photo: @rageyoga

Duzich connected with the idea wholeheartedly. So much so that she flew out to Calgary to meet its founder, Lindsay Istace. Once in Canada, Duzich apprenticed under Istace so that she could learn its form and teach others how to be “zen as f*ck.”

Photo: @integrative_asana

For many of us, we bury our emotions deep down so that they simmer until we develop ulcers or otherwise erupt on an unexpecting someone when the slightest thing goes wrong. This practice allows you to open the proverbial bottle of emotions that is corked inside and get rid of all its corrosive tension.


Thus is the purpose of Rage Yoga: to achieve a healthier state of mind by the catharsis that becomes of raw expression.

If you’ve tried yoga before but found them too tame, perhaps Rage Yoga in Houston is the one for you.

See what all the rage is about by booking a class at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co the first Thursday of every month or taking an online class at Rage Yoga’s official website.

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