Catch Them All At The Pokemon Pop-Up In Houston

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Catch Them All At The Pokemon Pop-Up In Houston

I choose Hou, Pikachu.

Catch them all this summer at Popfancy Pops, where the dessert bar has collaborated with Snap2 Official in create a fascinating Pokemon pop-up,  complete with a themed menu, live music, and more! [Featured image: @fooodeelicious]

From July 30 – August 15, the people of Houston will have the Chansey to experience the a-Mew-sing and immersive Pokemon pop-up at Popfancy Pops. It wouldn’t be Farfetch’d to say that here a Magneton of Tenta-cool events will be available for all to do and Horsea.

For one, the pop-up will feature a special, themed menu with tantalizing libations ranging from Sparkling Berry Potions, Starter Specials, and Legen-Dairy Shakes, to Lucky Eggs, Regional Delights, and Jumbo Waffle Sundaes.

In addition to the themed eats and drinks, fans, collectors, and trainers alike can enjoy the photo-op-friendly design, live music on weekends, retro arcade, trading meet-ups, cosplay contest, and Lure parties.


“Attention you filthy trainers of Houston,” Snap2 wrote in an Instagram post. “By harnessing the power of your disgusting pocket rats, and birds, and jiggly things, we’ve developed some of the most delicious concoctions this world will have the pleasure of tasting!”

To guarantee admission, the pop-up encourages guests to RSVP online through the website beforehand. The pop-up 9393 Bellaire BLVD also has an available virtual stand-by line after 12 pm for registrations the day of the event.

Don’t be a Slowpoke, get your tickets today!

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