A Brilliant Patio Bar With A Purpose Has Opened In The Heights

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A Brilliant Patio Bar With A Purpose Has Opened In The Heights

Afuera in The Heights is a bar with a mission.

Heights commuters might have noticed a new patio bar in the neighborhood. On the outside, Afuera comes off as a cute, fun cantina complete with a brilliant blue exterior, dotted patio cacti, and Tulum-inspired decor, here, however, the bar is more than just a vibrant place to hangout. [Featured image: @aschbuilding]

Located behind the ASCH Building on the corner of Studemont and 8 1/2, Afuera is a beautifully decorated bar and patio that trades in libations as well as education. Its purpose is to highlight indigenous cultures of colonized countries through charity, discovery, and education.

Each quarter, the bar selects a country to highlight with information about that country available via a QR code on every table as well as drinks from that country. Visitors will be able to see which country is featured by the colors of the Telephone booth, salvaged from the Black Lab in Montrose, located in the back patio – in which each month the bar will paint it in the colors of the country featured.

As for their libations, Afuera offers an extensive alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drink menu. Presently, visitors can imbibe a variety of alcohol-free Nigerian drinks, including variations of Zobo – a Nigerian beverage made from dried roselle plant flowers.


Their unchanging list of non-alcoholic drinks include variations of Proteau (a non-alcoholic spirit consumed straight with no mixer), Kin Euphorics (sparkling libations full of adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics), and Ghia (an alcohol-free aperitif).

Sangria, beer, sparkling and non-sparkling white, orange, red, and rosé wine, are also available for purchase.

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