America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark Is Diving Into Texas This Fall

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America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark Is Diving Into Texas This Fall

Enjoy clubs, arcades, rides, slides, dining, and more, at the Kalahair Resorts & Conventions.

Kalahair Resorts & Conventions are making waves as the “World’s Coolest Indoor Waterparks”. With locations in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, Sandusky, Ohio, and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, the resorts are bringing their tidal wave of fun to Round Rock, Texas this November. [Featured image via kalahariresorts.com]

Summer’s out the window it seems. If reaching out to that one friend of yours with a heated pool is too much of a hassle, and a jacuzzi just isn’t bubbly enough, you could go big at Kalahair Resorts & Conventions’s 223,000-square-foot indoor water park coming to Round Rock on November 12.

Kalahair is a vacation destination that mixes exhilarating water-ride entertainment with a wide variety of exquisite eateries, luxury spas, and state-of-the-art convention centers.

For the adrenaline fiends, the Africa-inspired water park features over 20 wild and zany water rides, with enticing names such as the Tanzanian Twister, The Smoke That Thunders, Screaming Hyena, Serengeti Spinner, and Barrelling Baboon. For the little ones, or the adults who’s thrill-seeking days are in the past, the park offers a swell of laid back attractions, including their Coral Cove, Lost Lagoon, and Tiko’s Watering Hole.


Young adults and parents alike can take it up a notch, or wind down depending on one’s attitude, at the Grotto Swim Up Bar.

Additionally, Kalahair offers a variety of on-land attractions that includes an arcade, virtual reality games, 37-foot LED display screen, crafty Adventurers Club, a fitness and training center, luxury spa, and an outdoor amphitheater for an “eclectic and energetic mix of entertainment.”

If a one-day adventure is simply not enough, families can opt to lodge at the Kalahair in one of their one-, two-, or three-bedroom rooms or suites, all featuring an exotic interior decor.

Given the cirumstances, the park has implemented a series of health and safety measures, including mandatory temperature checks for employees prior to beginning their shifts, contactless payment options, and placement of hand sanitization stations around the grounds. Guests are asked to practice safe social distancing of 6-feet while visiting. For tickets, visit their website here.

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