Dance All Night At This ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired ’80s And ’90s Bar

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Dance All Night At This ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired ’80s And ’90s Bar

Diane, there’s a new nightclub in Houston.

You won’t have to wait 25 years this time around. See what’s behind the red curtains at the new, Lynchian-inspired nightclub, Cherry. [Featured image: @Michael Anthony]

The darkly lavish new nightclub is a concept from Hospitable Viking the group behind The Commoner + The boulevardier, Rosemont, and the 006 Bar. It’s set in the two-story space formerly occupied by the Nightingale Room – which is rather appropriate all considering.

It’s dreamy interior is a re-interpretation of the Red Room, a fictional extra-dimensional space as pictured in the cult-favorite series Twin Peaks, from experimental arthouse director, David Lynch. Featuring a dramatic interplay of deep red lighting, jet black furnishings, and serrated zebra patterned-floor, visitors are welcome to dance their way through the void.

Touching on the ’80s and ’90s new-wave aesthetic, it’s walls are emblazoned with a neon gallery of the icons of the era, including portraits of Bowie, Prince, Whitney Houston, Boy George, and Madonna.

Such voices will provide the soundtrack at Cherry, as Carson Hager, president of Hospitable Viking, told the Houston Chronicle:


“Cherry is an all-night dance party featuring an era of songs you can’t help wanting to sing – or scream – along to. It’s certainly time to dance again, and we’re hoping to bring the party back to its rightful place in downtown.”

Interior features are also set to include vinyl-shaped tables, vintage TV monitors buzzing out classic videos, and one unicorn disco ball. The VIP David Lynch Red Room promises playable guitars and bottle service.


Signature cocktails will include the Dream in a Bottle – a vintage glass bottle of whipped vodka, orange, and lemon soda.

Cherry is now open at 308 Main Street. No word yet on their jelly doughnuts.

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