New ‘The Office’ Pop-Up Bar And Restaurant Is Opening In Houston

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New ‘The Office’ Pop-Up Bar And Restaurant Is Opening In Houston

“Oh god, my mind is going a mile an hour.”

There are TV shows that turn you off midway through the pilot. Some shows are one-and-done. Then there’s shows that you watch and re-watch endlessly to the point where the characters, scenes, and quotes are embedded in your brain. The Office is that show. From January 15 to January 30, Houston will turn into Scranton, Pennsylvania as it hosts Dunder Mupplen, a pop-up bar and restaurant inspired by The Office. 

If you’ve already seen every episode of The Office 10+ times, binge it again! Brushing up on the series’ lore will certainly help with the trivia rounds taking place at Dunder Mupplen. And what better way to moisten your wit during such trivia – as well as inspire liquid courage for the Office Karoake sessions set to take place – than a couple series-inspired cocktails.


No menu has yet to be released, but one would be surprised if there wasn’t an Awesome Blossom on that list. Plus, like any pop-up worth its paper supplies, Dunder Mupplen will feature a series of photo-ops to capture the moment.

Dunder Mupplen runs from January 15 through January 30 at 711 Main St., the venue currently hosting the Jingled Up pop-up. Tickets costs only $15 and will go on sale Monday, January 4.  Tickets are very limited!

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