Rodeo Houston Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Concern

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Rodeo Houston Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Concern

Concern for public safety leads officials to cancel the Houston Rodeo.

Despite earlier proclamations otherwise, officials have decided to cancel the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo amid concerns of the coronavirus. [Featured image: @lapalomacattleco]

Earlier today officials held a meeting to decide whether or not to cancel the Rodeo (which was scheduled to run through May 22), and the Houston City Council have now announced that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will indeed be canceled.

Although officials announced earlier this week that there were no plans to cancel the event, the ultimate cancellation of South By Southwest—the massive mix-media festival in Austin—catalyzed today’s decision.


As of today, the latest reports show that there are 14 cases and 11 presumptive cases in the Greater Houston area, with 25 cases currently confirmed throughout the state.

The Houston Rodeo is the latest mass public event to be canceled in the wake of the coronavirus fear. South By Southwest and Ultra Music Festival in Miami were both canceled, and Coachella is to be postponed until October.

It has not been confirmed as to exactly when the cancellation of the festival will take effect. A conference is scheduled to happen later today (Wednesday, March 11).

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