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Former Houston Post Office Is Transforming Into Cultural Hub Of The Future

By Colby Smith

Former Houston Post Office Is Transforming Into Cultural Hub Of The Future

Post Houston project launching Houston into the future at hyperspeed.

The former United States Postal Service (USPS) office in north downtown is on track to become an expansive mixed media complex that looks like a scene straight off the set of Her. [Featured image: @OMA courtesy of luxigon]

OMA plans to convert the former USPS warehouse into a cutting-edge, multi-purpose, multi-layered facility with a complete technical re-design. Featuring multiple double-helix staircases, a trio of skylit atriums, and a FIVE-ACRE ROOFTOP PARK AND FARM, the complex will go down in history as one of Houston’s most innovative projects to date.

The complex will incorporate various facets of city life i.e. culture, food, work, and play. Architecturally, the complex will serve to further distinguish the areas into five zones. The center will house a theatre promenade, venue, and market hall for retail and food venders, including Lea Jane’s Hot Chicken. In between the market hall and the venue will be a space reserved for business and collaboration. On the opposite end of the venue, an experimental media art space meant to showcase projects analogous to Houston’s now-retired Day and Night concept festival.

Its Texas-sized rooftop park and farm – known as Skylawn – will in part serve as a wedding venue, with the Houston skyline as a breathtaking backdrop.


The visionary new project seeks to continue the public nature of its former residency. As such, it fosters a network of Houston entities. Furthermore, it aims accommodate spaces for citizens to play a role in the innovative culture of Space City.

According to the Houston Chronicle, businesses at the POST may begin operations by as early as this year.

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