Massive Live Nation Concert Venue Opening At Cutting-Edge POST Houston Complex This Fall

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Massive Live Nation Concert Venue Opening At Cutting-Edge POST Houston Complex This Fall

The Terminal is slated to turn the volume up to 11 this November.

The former United States Postal Service (USPS) office in north downtown is on track to become an expansive mixed-media complex to look like something out of Bladerunner. In addition to its double-helix staircases, a trio of skylit atriums, and a FIVE-ACRE ROOFTOP PARK AND FARM, the POST will also house a brand new concert venue called The Terminal.

Opening this fall, The Terminal will have a capacity of 5,000 people – larger than, say, the 3,200 capacity of White Oak Music Hall, but much smaller than Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion or the Toyota Center. Despite its size, designers hope to give the venue the feel of a small club.

Photo via theterminalhouston.com

“It fits perfectly into the Houston market, where there isn’t a 5,000 capacity venue,” Tim Jorgensen, vice president of operations for Live Nation, told the Houston Chronicle. “The sweet spot for artists to engage with fans is often Terminal size. We’re filling a basic Houston need and indeed expect to thrive.”


On its website, The Terminal advertises its availability for private events and VIP boxes. The latter will be spaced in “Tribune Tiers”, elevated seated balconies above the general admission floor.

Photo via theterminalhouston.com

The POST also plans to house a theatre promenade and market hall for retail and food venders, including Lea Jane’s Hot Chicken. In between the market hall and the venue will be a space reserved for business and collaboration.

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