Missing Pregnant Frenchie Has Been Found, Reunited With Owner

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Missing Pregnant Frenchie Has Been Found, Reunited With Owner

Bad Bunny is home!

Missing dogs don’t often make headline city news, but when they do, the whole city gets involved. After getting in contact with eyewitness news, and offering $55,000 for the return of his missing dog, Christian Rawlins and his pregnant pooch have finally been reunited –thanks to the help of some locals! [Featured image: @bad_bunny2471]

Bunny went missing last week, during its stay at a friend’s apartment while Rawlins was in the process of moving. As there were no signs of forced entry, police informed Rawlins that he couldn’t file a police report.

To see his dog’s return, Rawlins contacted Eyewitness News to get his story out – offering $55,000 for the return of his dog; as the owner of grooming and breeding company, Goldmine Kennels, Rawlins knew that an unsupervised pregnancy could be fatal for the dog.

“She will die if these puppies decide to come out. They can try to come out any moment. These dogs have to have C-sections. Their body is too narrow to push out puppies,” he told Fox26 Houston.


In a swing of good news, Rawlins uploaded a video last night of his Instagram with Bad Bunny back in his arms:

“Thank you to everyone who reposted, shared, and prayed,” he wrote. “Thank you for all the call-in tips. I appreciate EVERYONE. She’s safe and better than ever.”

Rawlins received a phone call yesterday evening after someone had spotted Bunny in a local park. Rawlins said that he would have the pregnant pooch medically checked out before delivery.

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