Houston Pet Owner Is Offering $55,000 For Return Of His Pregnant French Bulldog

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Houston Pet Owner Is Offering $55,000 For Return Of His Pregnant French Bulldog

Have you seen this dog??

Houston local, Christian Rawlins, is offering a reward for the return of his missing French Bulldog for the sum of $55,000. The one-year-old bulldog, named “Bad Bunny,” is pregnant, and according to Rawlins, is due to have puppies very soon. [Featured image: @goldminekennels/]

The dog went missing on March 3, when it was staying at a friend’s apartment in Spring Branch while Rawlins was in the process of moving. Due to there being no signs of forced entry, Rawlins could not file a police report police told him.

In a dire effort to find his pregnant dog, Rawlins reached out to Eyewitness News. Rawlins said that this is Bad Bunny’s first pregnancy and due very soon. As the owner of Goldmine Kennels, a grooming and breeding company, he understands that a delivery without supervision and assistance could lead to fatal consequences which is why he is offering such a high reward for Bad Bunny’s return.


“She will die if these puppies decide to come out. They can try to come out any moment. These dogs have to have C-sections. Their body is too narrow to push out puppies,” he told Fox26 Houston.

Rawlins asks that anyone with information on the dog call him at 832-771-2373.

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