Win $5K For You And Your Local Food Bank In This ‘Living Room’s Got Talent’ Competition

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Win $5K For You And Your Local Food Bank In This ‘Living Room’s Got Talent’ Competition

Living Room’s Got Talent is awarding a total of $70,000 to seven talented contestants, and their local food banks.

‘Yes Theory”, a Youtube channel based out of California, has announced a new, COVID-19-era talent show called Living Room’s Got Talent. The global competition calls for contestants in self-isolation to record their talented performances from home and submit them for a chance to win $5,000.  [Photo credit: @yestheory via YouTube]

From now until Friday, March 27, at 10am PST you can upload, tag, and submit your performance. By next Sunday, ‘Yes Theory” will release the videos of the selected finalists! After which, seven winners will be chosen by the Internet to win their share of $70,000. Each winner will receive $5,000, with another $5,000 going to a food bank in the winner’s area.

To enter contestants must upload a video under one minute on either Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok with the hashtag #LivingRoomsGotTalent and tag @yestheory. Also, contestants must submit a link of their performance on a form through the competition’s website.


Photo credit: livingroomsgottalent.com

As a way to promote the importance of social distancing, “Yes Theory” emphasizes that the submissions must be filled at home.

“You can submit a talent with your family or roommates so long as those are the people you are isolating with,” the channel states in their video.

The channel plans to update their social media pages with details, and post videos of their favorite at-home performances.

“Just because we’re alone doesn’t mean we aren’t in this together,” reads the competition’s webpage.

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