Innovative New Cocktail And Patio Bar Has Opened In Houston

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Innovative New Cocktail And Patio Bar Has Opened In Houston

Bubble Gum Martinis? Yes, please!

After a soft opening, the Trash Panda Drinking Club made their debut with creative cocktails and clutch eats. [Featured image: @searchinghighwithlo]

Despite the weather’s best efforts to sabotage summer in Houston, the city continues to thrive not in the least part due to the new string of speakeasys, patio, poolside, and sport bars that have opened up in the past few months.

The latest boozy hangout to grace the Houston bar scene is the Trash Panda Drinking Club in Lindale Park. TPDC is a Southern-inspired concept from bartender, Greg Perez, and chef, Lyle Bento, of Night Moves – the self-same group behind the newly opened Space Cowboy poolside bar.

The raccoon-themed bar and patio features an enticing variety of cocktail options, that include such titles as the Bubble Gum Martini with Brooklyn Gin, bubblegum broth, hibiscus, lime, green chartreuse, and shiso, Purple Kush – made with Santa Teresa 1796, plantation pineapple, ginger wort, and lime, and Walk in the Woods – Martine Honeysuckle, violette, celery bitters, brut, and rose water. Classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds, margaritas, and Manhattens, are also available.

Additionally, TPDC serves a handful of finger foods not limited to Bacon-Jalapeño Pimento Cheese dip, Crabs, Elote corn, Chip and Queso’s, Fried Chicken and Crispy Skin Rib.


Other services can also be found on the menu, such as hiring the bartender to be your night’s wingman for the humble price of $200 an hour.

Trash Panda Drinking Club is now open.

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