This Houston Spirits Distillery Has Switched To Making Hand Sanitizer

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This Houston Spirits Distillery Has Switched To Making Hand Sanitizer

 The distillery is still lifting spirits– just differently.

In order to meet the demand for sanitation products in the province, Gulf Coast Distillers in Houston has shifted its production of spirits to hand sanitizer. [Photo credit: gulfcoastdistillers]

While many are stocking up on alcohol, it’s clear that some products are more essential during this time. Playing their role, Gulf Coast Distillers has taken the initiative to shift their production focus to hand sanitizer.

“As the coronavirus concerns have grown over the past week, and the supply of important health items has become sparse, we have decided to shift our production resources to help our community in this time of need,” read a post from the company’s Facebook page.

Gulf Coast Distillers regularly produces coffee, beer, bourbon, whiskey, and vodka in the once-famed Uncle Ben’s Rice factory in Houston. The company was ranked Number 1 on the Houston Business Journal’s 2019 Largest Houston Area Distilleries List.

Now, the company is joining the ranks of other businesses that have altered their production processes to supply high-demand necessities.

“We saw the panic in people trying to buy the products and how important it is to stopping the virus to make sure people sanitize properly and keep the hygiene levels that are needed to get this thing to stop,” said distillery president and CEO, Carlos de Aldecoa. “What we thought about last week, with the shortages is ‘how can we help the community?’”


The distillery intends to produce hundreds of thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer using an FDA-approved, alcohol-based formula. The reasoning behind the larger bottles — which will be available in 16, 32, and 64 ounces — was so that people could refill them.

The first shipment of hand sanitizer is to be available in Houston today at local retailers such as Aldi, Dollar General, and H-E-B.

The company uses an FDA-approved, alcohol-based C4U formula. So far the prices have not been announced. According to de Aldecoa, pricing is up to the retailers.

Products will also be donated to non-profits and government agencies to help other community members in need.

“We’re just blessed to have the opportunity to make some kind of impact to help the situation,” de Aldecoa said.

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