This Dive Is The Most Festive Hole-In-The-Wall In Houston • Grand Prize Bar

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This Dive Is The Most Festive Hole-In-The-Wall In Houston • Grand Prize Bar

The celestial network of festive lights fill both floors of the endearingly crust punk palace.

Because there is no date that officially marks the holiday season, there exists mass confusion as to the appropriate time to start decorating for the holidays. That said, when someone starts decorating is indicative of a certain personality. Those that decorate slightly prematurely are said to be happier people. Those who decorate before the end of October are likely a little nutty. And those who leave up their festive decorations year round, like the people over at Grand Prize Bar, are complete freaking lunatics – and we love them for it.

Grand Prize is tucked in the east edge of Montrose north of Museum Park. Driving by, the bar first gives off the vibe of a low-key house party – what with the front porch, music, and the colorful array of lights twinkling in the front window and all. In sunnier, warmer, and less pandemic-y times, bar patrons can be seen having a couple beers on the second story balcony. On cold, dark, and wet days, Grand Prize is the ultimate hole-in-the-wall to crawl into and stave off the storm.

Yes, the celestial network of festive lights sparkle on both floors of the endearingly crust punk palace. It’s a solid hang any way you cut it – you don’t even need friend. Enjoy a homespun cocktail at the bar as you watch one of the black-and-white movies they have playing on the dinky bar television sets. Or, peruse their jukebox selection and feed it with what change you have left to soundtrack your game of pool or Space Invaders.


You can’t leave the bar without checking out the scene upstairs. The ballroom, complete with bar, disco ball, and a constellation of suspended lights, is prime boogie real estate. For now you might have to settle for a barside cocktail, but once dancing is no longer lethal, this is the spot to do it.

Let’s not forget that Grand Prize also hosts Pan de Taco and Somos Semillas in their kitchen – authentic street-style tacos and vegan tamale concepts, respectively. Online ordering is also now available for both eateries, as well as cocktails and hosted Amanecer Co. coffee services.

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