Canoe The Buffalo Bayou In Houston

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Canoe The Buffalo Bayou In Houston

Houston by canoe, who knew?

The Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail in Houston is the best way to get to know your local bayou. See the city like never before on paddleboard, canoe, or kayak. [Featured image: @pitascatch]

Photo: @deandigamon

Back in high-school some friends and I built makeshift rafts which we used to float Cypress Creek. We entered the creek (probably illegally) from an access point near Champions, floated haphazardly for awhile, and exited around Myer Park. The water was cold and not sanitary, one of our boats broke, and a friend almost drowned. Don’t be idiots like us. Float the Buffalo Bayou instead.

The Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail is a (legal) 26-mile course that allows adventurers to see a side of H-town that most of us never do. The ride begins at Highway 6, goes through Memorial Mews Park and follows through to Allen’s Landing. Along this float you’ll see ecosystems of birds, fish, turtles, and other wildlife, along with some of the most beautiful flora the city has to offer.

Photo: @masteroogway713

How long the ride lasts depends entirely on where you enter and exit. There are a variety of different entry points that which lead you to different landings. To check which locations and times are best for you, visit the Texas Government’s website.

If you don’t have a canoe perpetually strapped the roofrack of your vintage Subaru, you can find shuttles and rentals at Buffalo Bayou Shuttle Service, Whitewater Experience, Inc.,  Southwest Paddle Sports, Austin Canoe and Kayak, or your nearest REI store.

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Explore Houston like never before by taking the Bayou by canoe!


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