Camp With Wolves At This Wholesome Sanctuary Just Outside Houston

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Camp With Wolves At This Wholesome Sanctuary Just Outside Houston

Answer the call of the wild at the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary in Montgomery.

Yeah, Dancing With Wolves is cool, but at this Wolf Sanctuary outside Houston you can roast ‘smores and camp overnight with them. [Featured image: @saintfranciswolfsanctuary]

The Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit established in 2002. Its mission has been to rescue wolves from various facilities and provide them with an open-air home.

All the wolves here are rescues — either from shelters, animal control, or private owners who thought they were getting a poodle. Most of these canine residents were born and mistreated in captivity. Through the efforts of Saint Francis, the wolves have rehabilitated physically and emotionally.

In an effort to further public education on this canine species, Saint Francis offers guided tours on-and-off site. At their “Howl Night” event, following a tour of the sanctuary, Saint Francis invites guests to cook ‘smores around a campfire next to their furry friends.


Think that’s cool? Sink your teeth into this: Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary also hosts a “Camping with the Wolves” event; that is, a sleepover where guests can spend a night at the Sanctuary singing along with all of the canine residents under the moon. Howl Nights and Camp-Outs will be held twice a month generally on the second and forth Saturdays of the month.

Tickets to the event are priced at $35 for adults, and $25 for children 17 and under, as well as teachers, military, and/or service personnel.

Howl, you ask? Book a reservation online at this link.

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