The Iconic ‘Be Someone’ Artist Is Holding A Houston-Centric Exhibit Now Through August

Colby Smith Colby Smith

The Iconic ‘Be Someone’ Artist Is Holding A Houston-Centric Exhibit Now Through August

While the future of the mural remains to be seen, you can see the artist’s other inspiring works at University of Houston at Clear Lake.

The anonymous artist behind Houston’s iconic “Be Someone” mural is focusing their artistic efforts elsewhere this summer. From now until August 20, you can see their inspiring artwork at the University of Houston at Clear Lake Art Gallery. [Featured image: @travishodgesphotography]

The Union Pacific Bridge overpass has long since been the canvas for graffiti, murals, and other spray-painted imagery. Most notably, it featured the longstanding bright blue message “Be Someone” over I-10 and I-45. The mural first appeared in 2012 and would stand for years as a testament to the artistic spirit of Houston. Particularly in the past year or so, it has undergone numerous changes from public safety messages, to voting slogans, to Q Anon-driven propaganda.

As it stands, it is unsure if the mural will return to its rightful place:

“I’d like to thank ya’ll for showing so much love and living up to the ‘Be Someone’ movement. Keep going. Keep representing and go make a difference in your daily life. Go out there and do it for your own sanity, your own joy, and spread the love,” the artist wrote on their account.

Houstonians can now pay tribute to the artist’s inspiring works at UHCL art gallery. The exhibit features 11 pieces, most of which center around the iconic graffiti, as well as posters, t-shirts, and other apparel available for sale.


“Even if we don’t paint the bridge anymore we will still continue to put in work! 10 years of the Besomeone Bridge has been amazing. Thank you to the friends and family that have believed in us every step of the way. We’ll see where the road leads us and I hope y’all continue to ride with us.”

The exhibit is free to the public.

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