An 18-Wheeler Full Of Bees Flipped In San Antonio

Colby Smith Colby Smith

An 18-Wheeler Full Of Bees Flipped In San Antonio


On Sunday morning, an 18-wheeler carrying a haul of honey bees rolled over on the Interstate 10 West offramp, releasing swarms of bees in the downtown area, according to San Antonio Police.

The incident occurred as the 18-wheeler was traversing the infamous Finesilver Curve at I-10 West meets I-35 East near downtown. The site a commonplace for accidents, wherein which one semi trucks rolls over per month.

Another trailer, also hauling boxes of bees, was following the rolled 18-wheeler, but did not face the same fate, officials say.

Police say that wind, speed, and an unfamiliarity with the curve is what drove the truck, owned by a bee removal service, to turn over. Upon flipping, many bees escaped the rig.


There were no reported injuries at the accident. However, all of the remaining bees in the 18 wheeler were extinguished by on-site firefighters.

Authorities say the accident totaled a minimum of $90,000 in damages.

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