You Can Join Virtual Pasta Making Classes With An Italian Nonna

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You Can Join Virtual Pasta Making Classes With An Italian Nonna

Nonna Nerina is here to relieve us of our lockdown woes.

We are now officially on lockdown, which means food holds even more keys to our happiness than it did before, impossibly. [Featured Image: @pastawithgrandma]

Anyway, if you’ve always wanted to learn to make pasta after marveling at it on Masterchef, you’ve never had a better chance than this. Classes via the internet—as per the new normal—are now available with Nonna Nerina.

84-year-old Nonna usually runs her brilliant classes in workshop form, taking place in the Italian countryside. Now, due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19, the classes have moved online. But, at least out of this darkness, her grand pasta message can be spread to far and wide audiences!

Nonna, along with her granddaughter, Chiara, take you through the essentials of pasta-making. Prior to the two-hour masterclass, you’ll even receive a shopping list! You can even gift this fine experience to a lucky accomplice if you’re stuck for birthday present ideas during this quarantine.


“Live Stream From Italy With Love.” Create mouthwatering ravioli and lasagne for the whole family. Plus, you’ll have an arsenal of dishes to impress your friends with at the inevitable post-quarantine dinner party.

All the details are here. Each class costs €50 (down from €100). Embrace your inner cook, and soon your homemade pasta skills will be molto bella!

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