This Youtuber Makes Ingenious Song Covers With Instruments Made Of Vegetables

Colby Smith Colby Smith

This Youtuber Makes Ingenious Song Covers With Instruments Made Of Vegetables

Ever wondered what Sandstorm by Darude would sound like on a potato?

Youtube is littered with bad music covers. Yet there are plenty that are ripe with talent, style, and ingenuity. One such cover creator is Pupsi, the Youtuber who makes music using instruments found in the produce aisle.

Pupsi is the alias of Finland native, Toni Patanen, whose channel has nearly 400,000 subscribers.

His videos begin as you might expect on an episode of Rachel Ray. He starts by laying a vegetable and cutting utensil on a table. But instead of dicing his carrots, or skinning his potatoes, he instead begins to carve a network of holes into the vegetables.

In this way, he makes ocarinas out of carrots, potatoes, squash, and pumpkins. With this kit he’s made genre-spanning covers: from techno rave to mumble rap.

“I’m going to post vegetable content in the name of memes, probably some cover songs on real instruments, and other stuff. You guys just probably want to see memes though so I’ll do my ‘best’ to provide your fix,” he writes in his Youtube bio.

Some of his videos feature him playing his veggie ocarinas along with the songs, such as Darude’s Sandstorm. 


In other videos, he makes a series of instruments varying in size and shape to account for the more complicated tonal structures of the songs.

His latest video is a cover of Bad Guy from pop-phenom, Billie Eilish. In this video, which has garnered over 2.1 million views, Pupsi plays a series of pumpkins in a split screen.

He plays a big pumpkin gourd for bass, and a handheld pumpkin for the high notes. Intermittently, he taps, cracks open, and squishes other pumpkins to account for the other percussive elements.

Which songs would you like to see covered by vegetables?

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[Featured image: @Pupsi]