Take A Culinary Trip Through Thailand With This Upscale Chef’s Table Experience

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Take A Culinary Trip Through Thailand With This Upscale Chef’s Table Experience

Get a first class ticket to Thailand this summer!

The exquisite culinary landscape of Thailand is composed of rich textures, sensational colors, and divine flavors. This summer, you can experience the best dishes each province has to offer. From the north to the south, travel Thailand in one meal at Yi Peng Thai Dining’s an intimate Chef’s Table Experience!

Savor one of the most unique dining experiences Houston has to offer this summer at Yi Peng Thai Dining – the very first Thai restaurant to create a Chef’s Table experience in the city. Here, Chef Jett and Jira are inviting you to their table to serve you a smorgasbord of mouthwatering dishes. Yi Peng brings the deep-rooted, refined tradition of Thailand’s culinary arts to your plate, including fresh and healthy herbs promoting the uniqueness of Thai culture by using its finest ingredients. 

Just imagine the enticing and delectable ambrosia of savory garlic, ginger, herbs, and other spices blended heavenly with simmering meats straight from the forested mountains and cooler valleys of Northern Thailand.

The Chef’s Table Experience tasting menu features, among other dishes, the following: 

  • Phuket Fisherman’s Platter: Baked Lobster Tail, King Crab Leg and Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Three Dipping.
  • Lobster Pad Thai: Classic Pad Thai lobster tail and glass noodles
  • Kang Hung Lay: Northern style curry beef short rib with spices, ginger and Chinese broccoli.
  • Pu Krob: Crispy soft shell crab with Thai herbs & jungle chili glaze
  • Three Flavor Ribs: Old fashion Twice cooked pork ribs with basil, tamarind-chili glaze.

The menu offers top grade meat and seafood, making this a dining experience you will never forget! This is the perfect experience for something special, whether it is a romantic date night or celebrating.

The exclusive experience takes places at various times every day from now into the fall. Tickets to this exclusive experience are priced at $195.00

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable culinary experience, get your tickets to Thailand today!

Upscale, Private Thai Dining Chef's Table Experience

January 26, 2022 11:30 AM
From $125.00
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