Get An Up-Close Look At Sharks On This Underwater Train Ride In Houston

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Get An Up-Close Look At Sharks On This Underwater Train Ride In Houston

We’re gonna need a bigger train…

Who doesn’t love a trip to the aquarium? The sight of schools of fish, wriggling neon beds of coral, endearingly ugly guppies, and electric eels swimming through a mass of luminous blue water is simply enchanting.

Without doubt, the ocean is full of alien life that continues to intrigue our wonder and fascination. Yet, there’s one creature that stands out. One in particular that’s as terrifying as it is beautiful: the shark. Take an underwater train ride at the Downtown Aquarium to get a closer look at this fascinating creature. [Featured image: @aquariumhouston]

The Downtown Aquarium in Houston is full of wondrous interactive exhibits, rides, and attractions. It teems with life all of all kinds. Fish, flora, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Living within the glassy walls of the aquarium are piranhas, puffer fish, sting rays, turtles, bearded dragons, alligators, pythons, and four white tigers from the Maharaja’s Temple. Oh yeah, and 17 sharks including the bizarre saw-fish.

The Shark Voyage is an underwater adventure that takes you through an under-the-sea tunnel bringing you face to face with these marine mammals. The train ride begins at the base of the Ferris wheel, chugs along under the bridge, and submerges you into the tunnel of a 200,000-gallon seawater tank. Watch as sand tiger sharks, brown sharks, and saw-fish swim in the flesh. Don’t be alarmed if you see a massive shark great white pop out at the end of the ride. It may or may not be mechanical.


Tickets are only $5.99, and provide a unique experience unheard of anywhere else.

However you choose to spend an afternoon, evening, or night at the aquarium, you’re sure to enjoy yourself; whether you decide to dine with the fishes, take a spin on the aquatic carousel, or acquaint yourself with the many other resident mammalia. However, the Shark Voyage is a train you don’t want to miss!

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