The Tiny Target In Marathon, Texas Has Been Destroyed

Colby Smith Colby Smith

The Tiny Target In Marathon, Texas Has Been Destroyed

We’ll miss you, Tiny Target.

Sad sad day for humankind. It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that the world’s smallest target – beloved staple outside of Marathon, Texas – has been demolished by its owner. [Featured image: @macmccanntx]

The world’s smallest target formerly sat outside the town of Marathon on US 90 in Brewster County, about 60 miles east of Marfa. As one would presume, the tiny Target shack was not in fact an outlet for the popular retail chain. Rather, the cinderblock hut was a type of railroad structure that was painted over with Target’s colors and bulls-eye logo about five years ago.

Photo credit: @macmccanntx

In the meantime it has served as a remote tourist attraction for drivers on the open Texas roads, either visiting Big Bend National Park, Marfa, or just passing by; that is, until today. Why was the world’s smallest Target taken away from us so unjustly? Local Sheriff, Ronny Dodson, cited safety reasons. He told CBS7 that vandals had stolen cinderblocks from the structure, causing it to be unstable. In order to prevent passersby from getting injured, the Target had to be torn down.


Rest in peace, Tiny Target.

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