10 Vintage Thrift Stores In Houston To Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

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10 Vintage Thrift Stores In Houston To Jazz Up Your Wardrobe
One man’s sash is another man’s treasure.

Whether you’re clearing out your closet or stocking it up, head the call at Houston’s best thrift stores. Here in Houston there’s plenty of second-hand stores with pre-loved goods to amp up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Thankfully, most of them are located in walking distance of each other!

1. Lo-Fi Vintage

Oddly enough, most people know of Lo-Fi by what’s outside of the store than in. Located on the Westheimer block amidst the main crop of Houston’s vintage outlets, the store front’s graffitied facade – now featuring a compelling homage to the late MF DOOM – oft testifies to Houston’s bustling street art scene.

Inside, however, Lo-Fi offers excellent ’90s streetwear as well as some of the best vintage sportswear in the city. Speaking from personal experience, the store is a regular visit around the holidays in search of vintage jerseys, apparel, and memorabilia, for sports-loving family members. Anyone can buy a new Astros jersey, but coming across a vintage beauty is few and far between.

2. Leopard Lounge

The leopard-spotted storefront makes this thrift shop instantly recognizable on Westheimer. Here, you can trip through time from the ’40s to the ’90s with their racks filled with old concert tees, fringe leather jackets, and other vintage gems.

3. Pavement

Grounded next door to Leopard Lounge, Pavement features a hand-cultivated array of vintage second-hand clothing. Stop in for a spell and sift through their selection of throwback sweatshirts, band tees, Western boots and other kicks. Don’t forget to peak into the $5 room for other vintage wares.

4. My Flaming Heart

On Main and Winbern St. in Midtown, My Flaming Heart is a tiny crystal palace brimming with lovable oddities, cowboy boots, vintage and modern art pieces, jewelry, charms, psychedelic wares, and all the trinkets under the moon. To our knowledge, My Flaming Heart is the number one place in town to score an amputated doll head – in case you’re in the market.

5. Buffalo Exchange

Vying more the trendiest thrift shop in Houston, Buffalo Exchange offers a hip selection of retro clothing largely from the ’90s and early ’00s. Due to the particular curation of their clothes, shoes, and jewelry, prices can be higher than ideal – will that stop you from buying the tweed jacket, high waist jeans, and grunge tee shirt ensemble… who’s to say? Be sure to schedule an appointment if selling clothes to avoid lines.


6. Cheeky Vintage

Housed in a quaint little cottage on Richmond Avenue, Cheeky Vintage is a darling second-hand boutique that offers vintage couture, gala wear, blouses, jewelry, bags, and more spanning from the ’40s to the ’90s.

7. The Guild Shop

Owned and operated by an Episcopal church, The Guild Shop in Hyde Park is a meandering consignment store with bargain buys. In addition to racks filled with vintage threads, The Guild Shop carries an abundant selection of antique furniture, classic art, home decor, glassware, and more. If interested in donating, be sure to check their website’s rules for consignment beforehand.

8. Area 52

Venture into the void of this celestial thrift store. Outfitted in black-hole floors, walls, and ceiling, Area 52 offers a stellar selection of streetwear, sneakers, and designer retail for those down-to-Mars kind of people.

9. More Than You Can Imagine

More Than You Can Imagine is a luxury boutique for pre-loved upscale clothing and designer items for women and men. Boasting brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and more, MTYCI offers a high-end pieces at prices that won’t completely bust the bank.

10. Full Court Houston

Posted up at 610 Alabama St., Full Court Houston is a locally-owned, buy-sell-trade thrift that offers an array of vintage wares. With a hyped sneaker collection, concert and band tees, athletic accessories, and there’s plenty of gems to pick from in this retro treasure chest.

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