A Theatrical Mixed-Reality Experience Opening Pandora’s Box In Houston Next Year

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A Theatrical Mixed-Reality Experience Opening Pandora’s Box In Houston Next Year

Light your lamp at the Department of Wonder!

Something wonderful comes this way. A fantastic new interactive experience is coming in Sugar Land next year with the opening of a massive new entertainment venue, the Department of Wonder[Featured image: @publicconent]

Slated to open in 2022 in Sugar Land Town Square at the space formerly occupied by Z Gallerie, the Department of Wonder is an immersive, experimental mixed-reality experience that blends fantasy elements of cinema, theater, and cutting-edge technology. Here, at the 10,000-square-foot venue, visitors are charged with solving puzzles and unraveling stories in a physical as well as digital space.

“Blurring the boundaries between reality and the imaginary, The Department of Wonder immerses you in a fantastic world unlike any other,” the company writes on its website.

“Wielding a light-gathering lantern, guests adventure through a series of expansive rooms meeting fantastic characters and engaging with unique interactions.”

The Department of Wonder is a project designed by a renowned team of producers, story-tellers, designers, and technologists, including Emmy Award-winning director, Limbert Fabian, as well as Academy Award-winning director, Brandon Oldenburg.

As described by Fabian: “Department of Wonder is the culmination of all the things we love to create when building imaginative worlds at large scale. And it’s a cinematic experience that casts the audience as the leading stars.”


Oldenburg described the experience as such: “It’s like stepping inside a film as the main character and being bestowed an epic quest. We think it’s the next evolution of location-based entertainment.”

The Department of Wonder has yet to announce an official opening date in Sugar Land Town Square, but plans for some time in 2022.

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