This Texas Zoo Is Allowing Its Rhinos Explore Grounds For The First Time In Its History

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This Texas Zoo Is Allowing Its Rhinos Explore Grounds For The First Time In Its History

Rhinos are basically just big puppy dogs.

For the first time in the San Antonio’s 106-year history, the zoo opened the gates of its rhino habitat to allow the animals to roam across its new “Savanna Crossing” area. The result was too wholesome for words. [Featured image: @SanAntonioZoo via Facebook]

Back in 2015, the San Antonio Zoo began designed a “Savanna” area – expanding the space for its giraffes, zebras, and other African species of animals. A few years later, the zoo followed suit with the rhinos habitat by doubling its space. In the meantime, zoo officials questioned connecting the two areas.

“Earlier this week, after much planning, design, construction, and most importantly, training, both rhinos passed through ‘The Savanna Crossing’ into the giraffe savanna for the very first time,” the zoo wrote in a Facebook post. “While very cautious and just peeking in on Monday, Reyna and West had explored the entire area by Tuesday.”


The zoo’s video shows the two Southern white rhinos bouncing into their expanded new habitat. The two curiously poke around the area before making introductions with their new friends. One of the rhinos even took a quick dip in its new custom-built pool.

“We’ve been patiently but excitedly waiting for this day for over five years. We’re hopeful that these introductions will continue to be successful and that soon guests will see rhinos, giraffes, zebras, cranes, storks, ostriches, and more species roaming together,” said President & CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow. “Creating larger and more natural habitats has been our focus as we continue to modernize the zoo; this new habitat concept provides multiple species more space to roam, on top of rhino habitat expansion which had previously doubled their own space.”

The San Antonio Zoo is open daily from 10 am – 4 pm daily. On Saturdays, the zoo is open until 7 pm. Visitors best chance to see the party animals hanging out in the Savanna would be in the mornings.

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