Texas Representative Introduces Bill To Repeal Antiquated Sunday Liquor Sale Ban

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Texas Representative Introduces Bill To Repeal Antiquated Sunday Liquor Sale Ban

The HB 937 bill would allow for sale of distilled spirits every day of the week, including Sundays.

It only took a pandemic for America to rethink to unnecessary, outdated, and in some cases, antiquated liquor laws. But better late than never as they say, for Texas now has the opportunity to do away with the last vestiges of “blue laws” and step into the modern age with legislation put forth by State Representative Richard Raymond.

HB 937, authored by Texas State House Representative Richard Raymond, would effectively repeal the state’s ban of liquor sales on Sundays – permitting liquor stores to remain open between noon to 10 pm – as well as extend weekday hours of sale from 9 am to 10 pm.

Texas is one of only 7 states to prohibit the sale of distilled spirits on Sundays, along with Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, North and South Carolina, and Utah.

In January of 2019, Rep. Raymond proposed a similar bill, referencing “common sense”. The session prior, Rep. Terry Canales introduced similar legislation but never got a committee hearing.


According to an estimation by the council, allowing sales of distilled spirits on Sunday – the second busiest shopping day of the week – would generate between $7.8 and $15.6 million in state tax revenue.

Legislation to permanently allow the sale of alcohol-to by restaurants is also in the works with reported backing from top state officials.

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