Texas Roadhouse CEO Forgos Salary To Benefit Frontline Workers

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Texas Roadhouse CEO Forgos Salary To Benefit Frontline Workers

Tell me that doesn’t bring a Texas-sized tear to your eye.

In such a time of uncertainty, watching the news is a gamble. Every click, search, or pop-up ad could reveal something potentially terrible. But every once in a while you come across something that brings a smile to your soul.

This week, Texas Roadhouse CEO, W. Kent Taylor announced that he would give up his salary in order to protect the jobs of Roadhouse employees.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many restaurants have had to close their doors. Without the proper resources, a lot of those restaurants have been forced to furlough or layoff employees to bear the brunt of the closure.

The Texas Roadhouse is an Americana restaurant establishment that has over 550 locations around the world. There are dozens of restaurants in Texas, with 14 in Houston. As of 2017, the estimated number of employees worldwide is around 56,300.

In a magnanimous display of leadership and generosity, W. Kent Taylor, the co-founder and CEO of Texas Roadhouse, has agreed to forgo his salary through the pay period of March 18 through January 7, 2021.

That money will instead go to his employees working on the frontline — who are continuing to serve customers during this time.


“Kent Taylor has always said that Texas Roadhouse is a People-company that just happens to serve great steaks. His donation of his salary and bonus to help employees is the embodiment of that saying,” a spokesperson for the company told The Hill.

Financially speaking, the donated salary, including his yearly bonus, would total to nearly $1,000,000 — all of which will go to his employees.

Here’s to hoping that those with the means will follow in Taylor’s footsteps.

While the restaurants’ dining areas will remain closed, Texas Roadhouse is still offering curbside, to-go, and delivery services.

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