Texas Is The First State To Record Over One Million COVID-19 Cases

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Texas Is The First State To Record Over One Million COVID-19 Cases

As of Wednesday morning, the state of Texas has recorded 1,010,364 cases.

According to data released from John Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center earlier today, Texas has recorded over one million cases of the novel coronavirus – becoming the first and only state in the nation to due so.

Texas, the second largest and second most populated state in the country, has become the first state to record over a million coronavirus cases. According to John Hopkins, the United States have recorded nearly 10.3 million cases, meaning Texas accounts for almost 10% of the nation’s cases.

Texas’s numbers recently exceeded those of California’s – the most populated state in the country – which has roughly 989,400 recorded cases, according to John Hopkins. As of today, California has record 18,078 deaths as a result of the virus. Texas has recorded 19,423. Of the total number of patients infected with the coronavirus in Texas, 826,116 have recovered. The rest of the cases remain active.

Harris County in Houston leads Texas in confirmed cases with 168,746 as Wednesday morning – the fifth highest county in the country. Dallas follows with a recorded 104,451 cases. Experts suggest that the case numbers are likely higher than that on record, as many people haven’t yet been tested.


The news breaks amid a proliferation of record-breaking case numbers throughout the country. On Tuesday alone, Texas recorded 10,865 new cases. Exceeding the previous record set on July 15 by 74 cases.

An average of 9,231 cases has been recorded in Texas over the past week according to the New York Times, revealing a 46% increase from the average recorded two weeks ago.

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