Swiss Miss Is Releasing A Lucky Charms-Infused Hot Cocoa Mix

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Swiss Miss Is Releasing A Lucky Charms-Infused Hot Cocoa Mix

Brace yourself for some magically delicious hot cocoa.

What is hot chocolate without marshmallows? That’s like having pancakes without syrup. Or cereal without milk. Or cereal without marshmallows. Pre-made hot cocoa enterprise, Swiss Miss, has for years offered blends with various ratios and colors of marshmallows. Now, the brand is set to release their most magical hot chocolate mix to date with their Swiss Miss Lucky Charms packs. [Featured image: @tmc_reviews]

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Everybody knows that the best part of Lucky Charms is their marshmallows. Thankfully, the creators of the cereal have caught on. Recently, the General Mills company has sought to infuse every snack, treat, breakfast, and dessert possible with the tiny colorful marshmallow bites.

First cookie dough, then ice cream, now, the latest marshmallow cameo will take place in hot chocolate from Swiss Miss.

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The charming, chocolaty concoction is set to hit stores in June this year. Boxes will go for $2.99 and include six packets of cocoa mix along with six packets of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

If you can’t wait until then to warm up, nothing is stopping you from making your own. Pick up a box of your favorite Swiss Miss flavor along with a bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows and implement the marshmallow-to-cocoa ratio of your heart’s desire.


Once again, the hot chocolate/cereal-marshmallow mix is slated to hit stores this June — lucky you!

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