Retro-Futuristic Chinese Takeout Restaurant Reboots Neon-Lit Restaurant In Houston

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Retro-Futuristic Chinese Takeout Restaurant Reboots Neon-Lit Restaurant In Houston

Ever wanted to eat a cup of noodles in Bladerunner?

Enter the void of Chinese takeout this season at Rice Box‘s atmospheric, newly-rebooted proto-kitchen in Greenway Plaza, dubbed Type_RB:01. [Featured image: @riceboxed]

Rice Box began as a food truck in Montrose before upgrading with three flashy brick and mortars in River Oaks, The Heights, and Rice Village. The restaurants quickly became culinary destinations, not just for their artistic, modern take on the OG Chinatown dishes, but for the unparalleled atmosphere that they offer.

Photo credit: @riceboxed

Positively dripping in clashing neon lights, Rice Box’s visionary restaurants add a cyber-punk like aesthetic that make visitors feel as if they’re a part of the underground. To put in their words:

“your experience begins the moment you set foot through the door. Walk into our world of glass and neon and you’ve just entered new wave Chinatown.”


Culinary-wise, the menu features American-Chinese fusion, with options ranging from classic dishes, noodles & rice, house fried rice, wings & ribs, and street bites. Notable dishes include the General Tso, Orange Peeled Beef, Garlic 4 Season Green Beans, and Curry Fried Rice.

Photo credit: @riceboxed

Patrons can also expect less-traditional beverage items when visiting Rice Box, such as their Nitro Tea.

Yesterday, the edgy eatery announced the reboot of their kitchen at 5 Greenway Plaza E, Suite C-640. Much like their other brick and mortars, the design maintains its famous, retro-futuristic aesthetic, complete with an ordering menu that looks like something out of the Matrix. Rice Box at Greenway Plaza is open from 11:30 am – 1 pm from Mondays through Fridays and is closed on weekends. Its other locations, such as that in The Heights, are open later and on weekends.

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