This Amazing Puerto Rican Restaurant Is Hidden Inside Of A Carwash • Sofrito

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This Amazing Puerto Rican Restaurant Is Hidden Inside Of A Carwash •  Sofrito

If a stranger writing “wash me” on your windshield wasn’t incentive enough…

Houstonians now have another reason to drive down to the carwash. Tucked away inside the walls of the Dr. Gleem Car Wash on Ella Boulevard is a Puerto Rican restaurant that serves up zesty flavors from back home. [Featured image: @sofritohouston]

Photo: @houstonsgotspice

Sofrito is a Carribbean and Latin-inspired restaurant which offers food “con amor y sabor!” The restaurant’s name comes from the Spanish word, “sofrito.” In Spain, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean countries, sofrito — a zesty, aromatic blend of seasonings and spices — is used as the foundation of many of its meals.

The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, you can choose from breakfast tacos, a guava parfait, and a salty-and-sweet breakfast sandwich — achiote glazed ham and pineapple with scrambled eggs and swiss cheese — all on Cuban bread.

Photo: @kayluv4life

Their lunch menu, featuring sandwiches, empanadas, and sides, offers a little more variety. One highlight is their Tripleta Sandwich — a sweet, Hawaiian hoagie filled with smoked brisket, roasted pork and glazed ham, topped with garlic alioli, ketchup alioli, and verde sauce.

You can also get an empanada version of the Tripleta. But, if it’s your first time eating Puerto Rican-style food, do yourself a favor and order something with plantain (AKA banana). Such banana-based plates include their Plantain Train sandwich, a side of tostones (mashed and double-fried chunks of plantain), or either their Pastelon or Black bean and banana empanada.

Photo: @sofritohouston

Sofrito is a hidden gem worth discovering. Cruise on over to the Dr. Gleem Car Wash for a taste of Puerto Rico (and maybe a window clean).


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