An Old Fashioned Boozy Ice Cream Parlor Is Opening In Houston Next Year

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An Old Fashioned Boozy Ice Cream Parlor Is Opening In Houston Next Year

Blast into the past at Old Sixth.

From the people behind Henderson & Kane, the Sixth Ward general store, comes Old Sixth – an old fashioned drug store counter with sweets, sodas, and spirits. Slated to open next year, the retro concept also plans for an attached jazz and cocktail lounge. [Featured image via Shutterstock]

Old Sixth is based on a drugstore jerk counter that was torn down a while back, Huston’s Drugs:

“When the building last sold, I remember sipping a coffee next door and watching the old owners rip out the original counter and soda jerk. I was crushed!”

Upon looking at the old building many years later, John Avila had the idea to bring back the classic counter.

To realize the vision – of one ice-cream-scoop slinging, jazz humming, cocktail-sipping ’50s soda pop shop – Henderson & Kane owners have partnered with  Sweet Cup Gelato’s Jasmine Chida and Jojo Martinez of J Martini Services.


“We’ve built a reliable and close relationship with these incredible women. Pairing Jasmine’s creative spin on nostalgic ice cream recipes with Jojo’s competition level flaring skills and hospitality expertise, we’ll be seeing ice cream flying across the bar in no time,” the Avilas wrote on their Kickstarter page.

The menu has yet to be finalized, though it is sets to include table-side fondue, boozy milkshakes, and ice cream cocktails.

If you’re interested in helping this project come to life, you can head over to its Kickstarter page and make a donation.

“’This Kickstarter gives everyone a chance to not only help build our success, but to ride along!’ said Veronica Avila. ‘Community inclusion is at the heart of our work and our success.’”

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