New Container Beer Garden To Open In Houston This Season

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New Container Beer Garden To Open In Houston This Season

The 10,000-square-foot beer garden is slated to grace the Railway Heights Market this season.

Railway Heights, a two-story market buzzing with vibrant businesses, eateries, local vendors, an art gallery and wine bar has even more in store for this fall. This season, the market will open a huge beer garden and grocery store. [Featured image: @railwayheights.com]

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Located on 8200 Washington Ave, Railway Heights is a market concept from Company of Nomads, the same minds behind the Conservatory and Bravery Chef Hall. RH recently made their debut with an ongoing soft opening, revealing their art gallery, wine bar, and eclectic mix of eateries, including: Peaky GrindersPierogi QueenHeads and Tails, and Drunken PhoHot Rod Pops – with cuisines ranging from pizza, to churros, chicken wings, Japanese-style sandwiches, and samosas.

This winter, the market has even more in store for the Timbergrove area. Presently under construction is a 10,000-square-foot beer garden, now discoverable on Google Maps. The beer garden is set to include two giant containers where beer will be tapped, a stage, dog park, and plenty of patio space. Organizers say that there will be 100 beers on tap with a concentrated focus on Texas breweries. The Company of Nomads site also promises a peanut butter tap for the canines at the dog park!

Photo credit: @NextSeed

In addition to the beer garden, Railway Heights also plans to roll out their grocery store sometime this season. The store, located on the first floor, will sell locally-sourced products from local farmers, fishermen, and ranchers. It will also include Tablitas charcuterie shop, and Whatever Fresh, a to-go salad and bowl company.


Railway Heights also has plans to host a weekend farmers market.

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