Pop Culture Creative Company Mondo Releases New Collection Of Epic Cinematic Puzzles

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Pop Culture Creative Company Mondo Releases New Collection Of Epic Cinematic Puzzles

Puzzles that will bring you piece(s) of mind.

How are things going for you in quarantine? If you need a little help keeping your mind occupied, put your problem-solving brain to the test with one these awesome 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles from Mondo.

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The company creatives based in Austin, Texas, make posters, soundtracks, toys, apparel, books, games, and more.

Recently, the company announced the release of 13 epic puzzles.

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Their new collection features eye-popping artwork from timeless classics such as Jurassic Park, Home Alone, and Iron Giant. 

Cinephiles will further rejoice to find that the company has honored cult classics: Gremlins, Alien, and Die Hard. 


As mentioned, Mondo has also released a number of puzzles dedicated to the Marvel universe.

Now, you can complete puzzles with bold, vibrant imagery and artwork that feature your favorite superheroes: Captain Marvel, Captain America, Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock, and a team of them in their piece: Marvel Cinematic Universe: The First Ten Years 1000-Piece Puzzle. 

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Also included in the new collection is a beautiful vintage puzzle of the U.S. National Parks, a riveting G.I. Joe rendition, and a fantastic and imaginative Dungeons & Dragons puzzle. All puzzles are only $20 a piece.

If you’re looking for entertainment of other sorts, peruse their website for a medley of collectibles, art pieces, music soundtracks, apparel, video games, books, and more.

Photo credit: Mondo

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