This Coffee Shop Makes Latte Art Masterpieces

Colby Smith Colby Smith

This Coffee Shop Makes Latte Art Masterpieces

Caffeine addiction has never looked cuter.

I’m conflicted when it comes to food art. As a connoisseur of art and as a (heavy) consumer of food, I’m always torn in half when my plate has a pretty face.

The artist in me wants to preserve the plate. “This is a work of art,” it implores. “You can’t just destroy it!”

But then my stomach — masterfully persuasive — retorts: “Yes you can. It’s food. Eat it.” — a bulletproof argument that wins every time.

This confrontation just got trickier with caffeine and unparalleled latte art added to the equation. Sycamore Grounds Coffee House in Houston offers lattes topped off with foamy masterpieces that you’d rather frame than imbibe. [Featured image: @nancyhelen]

Photo: @sycamoregroundscoffeehouse

Sycamore Grounds Coffee House in Pasadena offers hand-crafted coffee concoctions with an assortment of yummy pastries and baked goods.

Photo: @skullsonthemoon

Their stand-in hot beverages include Lattes, Chai Tea Lattes, and Cappuccinos, with seasonal lattes on the rotation — did someone say “pumpkin spice latte”?


Photo: @pocascafe

Along with their baked goods, they also offer breakfast tacos, quiches, and something they call a “Local Honey Bear”. Every month they feature a new drink, bakery item, and pie of the month. This month’s winners are the turtle latte, almond bar, and fresh strawberry pie. Yum!

Photo: @sycamoregroundscoffeehouse

At Sycamore Grounds Coffee House, you can choose your own glass from their wall of mugs. It has a neighborhood coffeeshop vibe with a rustic style that makes you feel warm and toasty inside.

Photo: sycamoregroundscoffeehouse

Stimulate your inner artist at the Sycamore Grounds Coffee House in Pasadena!

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