Don’t Miss Out On The Immersive Pop-Up Made For Instagram • The FOMO Factory

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Don’t Miss Out On The Immersive Pop-Up Made For Instagram • The FOMO Factory

What was childhood like for you?

Mine was good. Privileged, you might say. Hanging out at friends’ houses. Binge-watching Nickelodeon. Shoveling macaroni and cheese down my throat with reckless abandon. But according to the immersive pop-up FOMO Factory in Houston, my childhood was less colorful than I thought. [Featured image: @thefomofactory]

Photo: @thefomofactory

Youth: a time of innocence, carelessness, and freedom. The longer time takes us away from the days of our childhood, the more nostalgia tints our memories of adolescence with flowery colors. The FOMO Factory runs with this idea. Its goal is to elicit the nostalgia of selfie-seekers with an over-saturation of color, whimsical props, and sparkly things.

Photo: @thefomofactory

The traveling interactive pop-up features 17 zany rooms meant to simulate childhood memories. Beset with props and colorful backdrops, the factory plays on adolescent themes of “birthday, toys, playground, school dance,” and more. Among the features are a rainbow seesaw, a pool of balls, a giant sand castle, and a room-sized coloring book.

Photo: @thefomofactory

Furthermore, the pop up seeks to envelop all of the five senses with scents, sounds, and treats to be expected along the way.


Stationed in the Houston Galleria, The FOMO Factory is open now until the end of March. Regular tickets cost around $23, with concession tickets going for $18. VIP tickets will set you back $125. Each ticket will grant you a 90-minute entry. Be sure to arrive within 15 minutes of the ticket time or else the ticket could be revoked.

Drown out your nostalgia with a cotton-candy flood of color and whimsy at The FOMO Factory in Houston.

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