This Dessert Bar In Houston Was Made For Instagram • Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar

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This Dessert Bar In Houston Was Made For Instagram • Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar

For those that want a little eye candy to go with their sweet tooth: read on.

Some food is more photogenic than others. Sushi, for example, looks sexy on camera. Tex-Mex, on the other hand, doesn’t quite get as much press on social media. When it comes to photogenic food, however, nothing catches the eye like decadent desserts. In this category, the Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar on Westheimer takes the cake.

Photo: @thesusanneapartments

To write The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck interviewed hundreds of farmers, documenting every detail, character, and nuance of their stories from which he drew to compose his masterpiece. Something tells me that Javi Babar, the owner and founder of the Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar, did the same. Only instead of destitute, out-of-work farmers, she interviewed hundreds of sugar-addicted cartoon princess Barbies.

Photo: @milkshakeusa

The dessert bar’s candy-coated menu features hot chocolate, layered cakes, chromatic crepes, hand-squeezed lemonades (which glow, by the way), and an assortment of “magical” desserts.

Three rotating signature creations are featured on the menu. First their magnum opus — the Unicorn Milkshake — an icing dipped shake complete with a kitty or heart-shaped macaroon and a dazzling rainbow-layered cake topped with a uni-cone.

Photo: @shunny2.0

Their Berry Unicorn milkshake is a marshmallow-coated raspberry shake doused with whipped cream flanked with biscuit ears and christened with a candy cane.

For the chocolatiers, the dessert bar also offers a milkshake monstrosity plunged in chocolate, studded and pinned with Hershey’s kisses and M&Ms, which holds atop a whopping slice of red velvet cake.


Photo: @ladymacallan

The walls are cotton candy pink with swirly floors and one sparkly neon hallway. Its over-the-top My Little Pony vibes might give your eyes diabetes, but it will surely delight the little princess inside of you. Plus it’ll make your Instagram pop.

Photo: @magicaldessertbar

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