Houston’s Otherworldly Van Gogh Exhibit Will Debut At Marq’E Entertainment Center

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Houston’s Otherworldly Van Gogh Exhibit Will Debut At Marq’E Entertainment Center

By this point you probably know that an incredible, dream-like exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh’s brilliant masterpieces is coming to life in Houston this summer. And now, the exact location has been revealed!

After much anticipation, the surprise location has been unveiled as: Marq’E Entertainment Center, a massive entertainment complex in the heart of Houston.

Marq’E Houston, located at the intersection of Loop 610 and the Katy Freeway, is a sprawling, 350,000-square-foot complex that’s housed over 30 top-tier shops, restaurants, venues, and retailers for the past 20 years. Visited by 3 million people annually, Marq’E Houston is also home to a couple of Houston’s most beloved cultural institutions, including Edwards Cinema, the city’s top theater and one of its only megaplex cinemas, as well as Houston Improv – Houston’s sole venue dedicated to premier live comedy that’s staged comic heavy hitters such as Bob Saget and Joe Rogan.

The Marq’E is also setting the stage for a monumental redevelopment that will include lush landscaping, interactive pop-ups, art installations, and extended outdoor seating.

Now, the venue is carving out space for Houston’s highly anticipated Van Gogh Exhibit.

With over 23,000 square feet of space, imagine how Van Gogh’s works will transform from mere paintings into their own magical worlds right before your eyes. Plus, the massive space allows for the ease of social distancing.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience from renowned European “edu-tainment” company Exhibition Hub utilizes a unique combination of several dozen projectors, 15,000-square-foot screens, plus a separate high-tech VR adventure, to create a mind-bending 360° digital art experience.

Plus, their cutting-edge videomapping process is only used by a few companies around the world! Instead of standing and staring at one of the iconic artist’s beautiful framed paintings from afar, imagine being able to walk inside one — the vibrant colors swirling around you while you take in the stunning, post-impressionist works in an otherworldly way.

And now, you know exactly where the magic will be taking place!

Of course, tickets are now on sale — so get them here if you haven’t already!

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience