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The “Ferrari Of Hot Pot Restaurants” Is Coming To Houston

Colby Smith Colby Smith

The “Ferrari Of Hot Pot Restaurants” Is Coming To Houston

Hai Di Lao, the highly acclaimed Chinese hot pot restaurant, is coming to Katy.

Hype for the world-renowned hot pot restaurant is boiling in Houston. In 2021, the Chinese chain, which has over 600 locations around the world, is slated to open in Katy. [Featured image: @haidilaohotpotus]

Photo: @haidilaohotpotus

For the uninitiated, hot pot is a communal dining experience that involves a large bowl typically divided into mild and spicy broth. The bowl is placed in the center of the table and heated by flame or induction. The diners are given an assortment of meats and vegetables as well as smaller bowls of sauce. Once the broth is boiling, diners cook their chosen ingredients in the broth themselves.

Photo: @haidilaohotpotus

While Houston has its fair share of hot pot restaurants, Hai Di Lao brings the hot pot experience to a whole noodle level. Their menu is extensive, offering many different types of seafood, vegetables, and meat — including wagyu beef.

Photo: @haidilaohotpotus

Perhaps overshadowing their exquisite cuisine is their unparalleled service. Hai Di Lao gives diners a show of tableside noodle-makers, known as “noodle dancers”, while offering MANICURES and HAND MASSAGES to those waiting for their broth to cook.

Photo: @joneai                  

Set to open early next year, Hai Di Lao will share their 16,900-square-foot building in Katy with Michelin-star, dim-sum-based restaurant, Tim Ho Wan.


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