Spend Eternity With Houston’s Most Rich And Powerful At The Historic Glenwood Cemetary

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Spend Eternity With Houston’s Most Rich And Powerful At The Historic Glenwood Cemetary

Visit the founders of the largest city in Texas at the historic Glenwood Cemetery.

For a small fee of $100,000, up to $1 million, you can plot down among Houston’s elite in Glenwood Cemetery. Or you can, you know, just go for a visit. [Featured photo: @kail.graham]

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On Washington Avenue, set upon a rolling grassy landscape is the century-old Glenwood Cemetery. Its terrain resembles more that of a park. With its hilly natural landscape and bluff overlooks, this site offers one of the best views of Buffalo Bayou and Downtown Houston the city has to offer.

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While a portion of the cemetery features modest early headstones from its early German roots, a large part of the cemetery resembles that of a 19th-century burial ground. Visitors are invited to stroll about and look upon the terraced gardens, ornamental iron gates, weeping angels, mausoleums, and monuments.

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Since 1871, Glenwood Cemetery has been the final resting place for the men and women responsible for laying the foundation of Houston’s prosperity. Some of those famous Houstonians include George R. Brown, George Hermann, and Ross Sterling. Members of the Rice, Allen, and Cullinan families, whose namesakes you can spot all over the city, are also buried at this prestigious site.

Perhaps the most notable of Houstonians interred is Howard R. Hughes Jr., the real-life figure Leonardo DiCaprio depicts in The Aviator. Hughes is known for his accomplishments in aviation, business, and film-making. His gravesite is the most visited on the grounds and features a semi-circle of vaulting arches designed by the former dean of Rice’s architecture school. 


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The historic Glenwood Cemetery is open to the public and is a great place for locals to visit and educate themselves on Houston’s rich historical background.

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