High-Speed Train From Houston To Dallas Boasts High-Class Features

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High-Speed Train From Houston To Dallas Boasts High-Class Features

Never get stuck with the middle seat.

Catering to the rows of “super commuters” that travel to and from Dallas on the daily, the Texas High-Speed Train offers a 90-minute commute with “first-class” features. [Featured image: @hiroshi_blue]

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Houston pride makes this sentiment a little difficult to say… but… there are…

*Deep breaths*

*Collects self*

There are many reasons to travel to Dallas. Okay, I said it. While, I’m sure the greater part of Houstonians make the journey out of obligation — be it business or a wedding — there are many that make the venture out of choice. Whether to see the Dallas Stars, catch a music festival, visit family, or what have you.

Even if those commuters ARE visiting Dallas out of pleasure, everyone knows that the commute — by plane or car — is far from pleasurable. But those days are almost over.

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Enter the Texas High-Speed Train. The lightning-fast train clocks over 200 miles-per-hour and lands you at your destination in less than 90 minutes. Furthermore, the train departs every half hour during rush hours and every hour the rest of the day.

That’s not all. Texas Central, the company behind the train, recently announced the train’s first-class features.


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The number of features is quite impressive. Here’s an abridged list of some of the highlights: wide-bodied seats arranged in two-by-two formations — hence, no middle seat; large windows; wide aisles; food and beverage options; Wi-Fi; and innumerable power outlets.

Passenger stations for the train will include a number of shops, restaurants, and retail stores. They will feature plenty of on-site parking. Furthermore, these stations will be built according to the accessibility of major roadways.

Life On The Fast Train — A Better Way To Travel Across Texas from Texas Central on Vimeo.

There will be three stations on the route. One in Houston, Brazos Valley, and Dallas. While the plan isn’t concrete, Texas Central proposes to build the Houston high-speed train station in either the Galleria, Medical Center, Downtown, or Energy Corridor area. The train service is slated to begin operations by 2026.

What do you say, are you ready to live life on the fast train?

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