Houston Humane Society Is Providing Free Pet Food For Those In Need

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Houston Humane Society Is Providing Free Pet Food For Those In Need

Take pet food or leave some for others.

The Houston Humane Society is rolling out a free curbside pet pantry for those in need to feed their animals. [Photo credit: @houstonhumane]

As a result of the outbreak, many businesses have been forced to close down. This has left a lot of people, pet-owners included, out of work. If you are a pet-owner and in a financially-tight space, you can pick up free pet food for your cats or dogs at Houston Humane Society’s free curbside pet pantry.

“We decided to open a pet pantry to help families needing assistance supplementing their pet’s food or supplies during this trying time,” said Executive Director of the Houston Humane Society, Gary Poon.

The free pet food pantry will be a drive-thru service in the parking lot of the Houston Humane Society. Beginning March 20, the service will be available from 2 – 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the month.


“Please be responsible and only come if you are truly experiencing financial hardships,” read a post from their Instagram account.

In order to receive pet food, owners must fill out a Pet Pantry enrollment form.

If you wish to donate pet food for this service, you can drop off your supplies at one of the eight Exclusive Furniture stores in Houston.

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